Practical Concepts For Factors Of Online Roulette

Mar 09, 2017  
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Derek Carr hit Michael Crabtree the conversion, the Raiders won and promptly stormed their way to a 12-win season. We sat down with Del Rio at the 2017 NFL combine and talked to him about Oaklands great season, but more importantly got to play blackjack with him. Del Rio was a great sport about the whole thing and actually treated the pair of hands (played for pieces of gum) like he would a late-game situation. Facing a 10 for the dealer (yours truly) and holding a 17, Del Rio didnt care. Are we in New Orleans? Is this New Orleans?? Del Rio asked before taking a hit on a hard 17. My colleague Pete Prisco wasnt amused about Del Rio upsetting the karma of the table, but Del Rio didnt care. On the next hand, he pulled off a blackjack. Blackjack Del Rio actually got blackjack. Classic. We played Blackjack with The Oakland Raiders coach Blackjack Del Rio and you can already guess what happened... Posted by NFL on CBS on Thursday, March 2, 2017

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